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D&R Premium Pipe Tobacco

D&R Premium Tobacco is made from the finest flue-cured, gold leaf blends and offers an amazing assortment of 12 different blends.

  • Ramback - D&R Premium Ramback Tobacco has a smooth taste with a flavorful and characteristic oriental finish.
  • Ramback Gold - D&R Premium Ramback Gold Tobacco combines exotic flavors and a smooth tobacco taste for a sensory delight.
  • Three Sails - D&R Premium Three Sails Tobacco is a hearty blend with a soothing, zesty taste.
  • Windsail Platinum - D&R Premium Windsail Platinum Tobacco provides a smooth, satisfying taste.
  • Windsail Silver - D&R Premium Windsail Silver Tobacco creates a light bodied, yet flavorful and extra smooth taste.
  • Windsail Gold - D&R Premium Windsail Gold Tobacco produces a flavorful, robust flavor.
  • Two Timer - D&R Premium Two Timer Tobacco is smooth and delicious, with a nutty taste and natural sweetness.
  • PenHooker - D&R Premium Penhooker Tobacco is a smooth and full flavored blend.
  • Ryback - D&R Premium Ryback Tobacco has a distinctive dark-fired taste.
  • Rowland Gold - D&R Premium Rowland Gold Tobacco is smooth and satisfying taste for your palette.
  • Vengeur - D&R Premium Vengeur Tobacco is a medium bodied blend, developed to be smooth and flavorful, with no bitter aftertase.
  • S.J. Rimboche Perique - D&R Premium Rimboche SJ Blend features a rare Saint James Parish Perique to create a flavorful taste.

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Due to regulations, we can no longer ship to Cook County, Illinois and the states of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington. If you place an order and live in Cook County, Illinois or the states of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Vermont or Washington, your order will be canceled.

D&R Premium Pipe Tobacco